What makes donating to the Rutledge Foundation unique?

We are committed to funding research that is focused on bringing new therapies to young adult patients through clinical trials as well as providing them resources and activities. Every dollar donated goes to improve the care and cure of adolescent and young adult cancer patients.

Where your donation goes:
In six years Rutledge Foundation has supported over $1,100,000 in Research and Programs.

Thanks to our generous donors, Rutledge Foundation has supported six less toxic and potentially life saving therapies for sarcoma patients.  In six years, Rutledge Foundation has donated over $765,000 for immune-based, targeted pediatric sarcoma research to predominantly Texas institutions. It is important to note that every therapy and program that we support could eventually be useful in treating other cancers. In 2016 alone, we gave over $310,000 in research funding. Research projects that we are supporting include:
– Solid Tumor Program at Cook Children’s Medical Center, helping to provide adequate staff and capabilities to be a clinical trial center for sarcoma and other solid tumor cancers
– VIGIL Ewing Sarcoma Vaccine Trial, now in Phase II/III in 10 centers around the country-   VIGIL is the first immunotherapy trial designed specifically for Ewing sarcoma patients. There is also a separately supported VIGIL trial for ovarian cancer patients.
– Targeted Therapy for Type I Ewing  Sarcoma, Phase I Trial, (Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center) opened in October 2016-This is the first drug specifically designed for Ewing sarcoma Type I patients. The targeted drug, paired with the vaccine therapy, will provide the “one-two punch” that could eradicate Ewing sarcoma and reduce or replace the 35 year old protocol of 5 highly toxic chemotherapies, radiation and radical surgeries.
– Targeted Therapy for Type II Ewing Sarcoma- Development is currently underway, (Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center) and should be ready for patient enrollment as early as 2018. Together, the Type I and Type II drugs will cover over 85% of all Ewing sarcoma patients.
– Development of a less toxic Lipoprotein Delivery System for pediatric cancers at UNT Health Science Center- This new delivery system hopes to minimize the short and long term side effects of otherwise toxic chemotherapies. A collaboration between UNTHSC and Texas Children’s Hospital, initiated by the Rutledge Foundation, is underway to study toxicity and dosing in Ewing sarcoma tumors.
– Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma Research Study: Investigation of ASPS Cell Lines at the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute in Beaverton, Oregon.

In the last six years the Rutledge Foundation has supported close to $400,000 in programs and care for adolescent and young adult cancer patients. In 2016, donations allowed us to invest over $98,000 in programs and outreach which brought comfort, care and necessary resources to adolescents and young adults battling cancer. We served over 570 patients across Texas in 2016. In 2016, the Rutledge Foundation was able to: Fund $54,220 for the new Moncrief Cancer Institute/ Rutledge Foundation Fertility Preservation Program.
– Provide 172 backpacks, a 141% increase from 2015, with comfort and care items to newly diagnosed patients in Texas hospitals.
– Provide 132 Christmas stockings, a 188% increase from 2015, to patients being treated through the holidays.
– Establish Carley’s Closets at 3 new medical centers: UT Southwestern- Dallas, UT Southwestern- Richardson and  Vannie E. Cook Children’s Clinic (Texas Children’s) in McAllen, Texas.
– Serve 250 patients and their family members through Rutledge Foundation patient events, including Rutledge Day at the Rodeo, Young Adult Night at the Ranger Game, Game Night at Main Event and our annual Coming Home Concert.
– Donate $10,000 for the St. Jude Delta House Patient Cart



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