FW AYA Coalition

Rutledge Foundation is a founding member of the Fort Worth Adolescent and Young Adult Coalition, formed to “bridge the gap” between pediatric and adult cancer centers where YA’s are caught in the middle.

The coalition is designed to bring area medical centers together to better serve the young adult cancer population.  Supplying resources, educational services and hopefully even young adult focused centers is the goal for the coalition.


The Foundation has been sponsors at various events: Baylor Young Adult Cancer Conference, National Charity League Philanthropy Day, Translational Genomics Conference Phoenix Arizona, Dallas/Ft. Worth Ewing Sarcoma Forum, to  name a few

Sponsor Awareness Events

  • Host Yell-Out for young adult cancer awareness events at area sporting events.  Any school/club can participate or start their own 15-40 Club.  Contact us at:
  • Sing Out to Beat Sarcoma

If you or your organization would like to have an educational awareness event, please contact us for materials, power points, etc. We can even assist in supplying speakers and flyers etc.

The better educated people become as to early warning signs, the earlier the diagnosis will be and of course, a more favorable outcome.

Pediatricians, internists, physical therapist, trainers, nurse practitioners, orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine doctors all need to be trained and looking for early warning signs of young adult cancer.

“When you hear hoof beats, you need sometimes think zebra and not horse!”