Carley’s Closet



Serves the young adult cancer population at both children’s and adult medical centers. Having cancer at such a transitional time of life creates very unique needs.  We strive to supply resources and comfort items during their journey. We direct young adult patients to informational books, websites, and patient blogs, and even support groups to give them the confidence they need during and after treatment.

What fills Carley’s Closet Backpacks and Bags?

Comfy Items:
Soft Throw Blankets, Towel and Bath Mat sets, Hot/Cold Pack, Beanies/Stocking Hats, Bandanas, Scarves, Caps, Socks, Pajama Pants…

Fun Items:
Games, Headphones, Speakers, Journals, Restaurant Gift Cards, Target/Walmart Gift Cards, Pens, Polish, Nerf Games, Card Games, Puzzles, Coloring Books, Colored Pencils, Fat Heads, Small Clutches/Purses, Smart Device Chargers, Power Cords, Personal Fans, View Finders, Gum/Breath Mints, Chap Stick/Lip-gloss, Sudoku/Cross Word/Fill-In Puzzles

How do we supply these items?

Donations! Community organizations conduct gift drives, and raise donations. With the help of local businesses, schools, religious groups, etc., the closets stay stocked throughout the year. Doing gift drives during seasons and holidays is a great idea (Halloween, Christmas, Hanukah, Valentine’s). National Charity League of Fort Worth members help with projects for Carley’s Closet throughout the year!